Cancer is a disease that has been known about since ancient times. The word is derived from the Latin for CRAB and appears to have been first described in 500 BC.

Cancerriskinfo.com is your source of understanding and information for the prevention of cancer. You will find two main sections in this site. The first section brings you information about different factors that affect your risk of developing cancer.
This section contains tables on the proportion of cancer incidence due to different factors, statistics on the probabilty of developing cancer and many more tables specifically addressing dietary factors. The tables on dietary factors will give you an idea how they affect your risk of having cancer, and also how convinced researchers are that these factors affect your risk of cancer based on their studies. In this section, there is also a list of recommendations.

The second section contains questionnaires on different cancers to help you assess your risk of developing a cancer. You must, however, understand that this site does not replace the advice of, and the proper diagnosis and screening of a physician or medical specialist.